Simple home decor upgrades...

female with paint supplies around her with paint roller painting the wall in front of her

Need to freshen up your space this summer? There’s no need to spend a bundle. Try a few of the following affordable and attractive design ideas to update your home.

Liven up your living room

• Install a large-scale print or painting to make your living room wall an artful display, or change the focal point of your living room by painting one wall in a bold hue.

• Hang a few floating shelves and use the vertical or horizontal storage space to display pictures or meaningful mementoes.

• Put a bar or tea cart in a corner of your living room to add an interesting and functional place to store beverages or tea cups (depending on your taste).

In the office

• Organize your book collection by color. This is a simple way to make a statement.

• Warm up a drab and functional space with a multicolored area rug or a unique throw blanket over the back of your desk chair.

• Put up a large magnetic board and fill it with quotes and pictures for a personal touch.

Kick up your kitchen decor

• Transform a cramped corner into a dramatic dining nook by painting the walls in a vibrant hue.

• Add some greenery, potted flowers or an herb garden to your window sill or group plants on a tiered storage cart for a cheerful addition.

• Have a little extra time? Try painting your cupboards a color that brings you joy and complements your overall color scheme.

Beautify your bedroom

• Instead of a headboard, use an eye-catching work of art or wall hanging to create the illusion of a headboard (without actually having to buy one).

• Open up a small bedroom by leaning an oversized mirror against the wall to create the illusion of more space.

• Don’t want to actually put the effort into painting your bedroom? Brighten it with colorful pillows, picture frames, rugs and linens.

Give your bathroom a mini makeover

• The ceiling of a room is known as the “fifth wall” to many design experts. Try adding a coat of paint to your bathroom ceiling to give the space a whole new vibe.

• Change the knobs on cabinetry or upgrade sink faucets to freshen things up.

• Try a luxurious light in the “throne” room. Why not install a chandelier or add some fancy vanity lighting around the mirror?

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The takeaway here is that a major renovation isn’t necessary to refresh your living space. Start with a few small projects in one or two rooms—which might inspire you to take on a larger home decor transformation in the future!

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